Websites and web-development

Kingdom Tech (2020)

Website for a non-profit organization, bringing tech to churches
This website and project is still under-way because of COVID-19 the project has been delayed.

The website is live, but still in development

Wewo (2020)

Web-app for remote controlling song lyrics presentations
This service is a part of Kingdom Tech and is meant to help churches and small-groups display the text to worship songs. It contains a growing library of worship songs and is made to be easy to control with a smartphone.

Catacloud (2020)

Website for Catacloud (online accounting software)
The site was created and designed as a work I did through Catacloud AS.

PT-Regnskap (2019)

Website for accounting firm targeting personal trainers
The site was created and designed as a work I did through Catacloud AS. Since PT-Regnskap is a Catacloud partner.

Kanaan & Kringle (2016)

Funny comic strips about church life
The comic strips are designed by Daniel Asprusten and are originally published in the norwegian christian newspaper Korsets Seier, but are later posted here on Daniels website.

The site is no longer online

Pushwagner (2014)

Website and webshop for the famous norwegian artist Hariton Pushwagner (artist pseudonym of Terje Brofos)
The website has been updated a few times over the years to reflect developments in web standards and is now using responsive design. It uses a custom made web shop solution designed specifically for this site.

Bristolgarasjen (2014)

Website for the garage of hotel Bristol in the city center of Oslo, Norway.
The site contains information about services that they provide within auto care, parking and tire storage. Partnering with Cartec, one of Europe’s leading providers of auto care products, they take great care of your car.