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I used to do more super custom websites and applications in PHP, but now I differentiate more with doing some sites in CMSs like WordPress and very advanced applications in Node.js and TypeScript.

Apps & Services

There are so many apps and services I want to make. Right now most my time is spent working on Catacloud (online accounting software). I will post some of the projects I am working on, that are not started and some that are up and running (and maybe even some that are not up and running anymore).

Photo & Video

Though the years my passion for photo and video has it’s ups and downs. Most of the video I shoot is for either for festivals, church or weddings. I am looking forward to expanding this more as I get the time to edit more.


Some times I work on design that doesn’t fit any of the other categories and I am gathering that work in designs. Stickers, wire-frames, logos etc.