It's so much more than just another website to us!

At Waymedia we specialize in the custom made

We strive to make the web-apps with the best solution, with a fast and clean user interface. When we make a website, we ensure that the customer is happy with the results and wants to provide you with the most personal service we can.

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Responsive design

that works across all devices

Custom solutions

optimized for your needs


for people to find your website

Web shop solutions

that is easy and fast, with all the options

Social media integration

be present where the users are

Up to date

we use the latest web-standards

Software as a Service

More and more we are changing our focus at Waymedia, from the everyday websites, the company sites, the small projects, to more complex web-apps and services. We have been working on our own online services, just like we develop complex web-apps for other companies, we want to make our own. After seeing some markets with bad solutions, we want to make our own. We hope you will check out and use these services, check out more info by clicking the button below.

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